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Free Mold Inspection Boise ID

Are you interested in a Free Mold Inspection in Boise ID?

4 A Restoration of Boise has an offer every health conscious home owner should take advantage of. It’s our Free Mold Inspection for Boise ID residents.

Mold is a fungus that appears naturally throughout the environment. It is present outdoors and when conditions are right,  it will flourish in dark, damp corners of your home, especially in  humid basements and other areas where water seepage occurs. While some strains of molds are actually beneficial to us, others can cause serious problems to your health.

If you or any of your family members have allergies or breathing issues, the reaction to mold can range from mild sniffles to full blown allergic attack. Infants and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. If allowed to spread uncontained,  mold spores can cause outbreaks of toxic black mold and other dangerous strains like Legionnaires disease to develop.

In addition to health problems, mold can feed on your home’s structural components and contents and cause significant property damage. Even more concerning is that some types of mold in the indoor environment can worsen or augment a person’s response to allergens and irritants that threaten health.


Why take a chance?

If you notice symptoms like coughing, sneezing, red eyes, and irritated throats, you may have a mold issue. Locating and eliminating the mold is essential. It makes sense to  call 4 A for your Free Mold Inspection for Boise ID homeowners.

4A owner Melvin Amos and his crew know mold. His HVAC background taught him all about the subject. His training and knowledge is shared by employees of 4 A. That training and specialized expertise with mold growth, coupled with the right equipment guarantees complete, effective remediation and removal of harmful mold in your home or place of business. The first step towards getting rid of your mold is the complete Inspection & Identification process followed by the repair and elimination of your mold moisture source.


Who Is Vulnerable

Our company is known for our success in alleviating not only mold, but also the conditions and circumstances that are the cause.  Even so, natural events beyond our control  do happen. Weather events like tornadoes, hurricanes and flash floods can fill your home with water. Unless that water is completely evacuated , it can soon become a perfect environment for mold and a danger to your family’s health  

Many companies lack the know how and the specialized equipment that 4A utilizes. Our certified mold removal process extraction methods  leave your home exceptionally dry – unlike our competitors. Dry carpets, upholstery and hidden spaces are not conducive to mold.

If after our  Free Mold Inspection in Boise ID we discover mold, we have a powerful weapon that  is effective for removing it. That solution is our revolutionary product  ALL ODORS GONE that uses the power of natural elements  Chlorine and Oxygen to form  Chlorine Dioxide  or CLO2  to search out and destroy mold.

This amazing product not only stops mold dead in its tracks, it also is a powerful odor remover that eliminates the musty odor common to mold and mildew breakouts. In the brief time since 4A became part of the ALL ODORS GONE network,the process has become one of the country’s leading mold and odor removal products.

While CLO2 has been long recognized for its potential merits, it was only recently that a feasible application method was developed. That method is a proprietary process available to select members of our group. Now, residents of BOISE, CALDWELL, NAMPA and  MERIDIAN, IDAHO can experience an odor and mold free home. All it takes is a phone call to set the wheels in motion. Call 208-407-4770

All Odors Gone is guaranteed to remove any and all of your mold and most objectionable home odors. While you may have heard those claims before from other cleaning service companies, your past experiences probably does not  bear that out. In most case, competitors rely on perfume, ozone, bleach, shampoo  that simply mask your problems, but never solve them. Our exclusive and completely safe vapor gassing system uses the power of CLO2, Chlorine Dioxide to PERMANENTLY eliminate mold and its odors while sanitizing your home. Our tested, proprietary process for odor and Mold Removal in Boise converts safe proportions of CLO2  into the exclusive ALL ODORS GONE Miracle Vapor Gassing System.™The harmless gas vapors attack the bacterial source of the odor, then converts it  into a harmless salt which can be easily wiped away.




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