Carpet Cleaning Boise

4A Restoration and Carpet Cleaning is your trusted Boise carpet cleaning company. We guarantee that you’ll receive the best service experience possible, and we will perform all services in a courteous, safe, and professional manner. 4A Restoration and Carpet Cleaning offers three carpet cleaning packages to choose from:




Home Audit
Hypo-Allergenic Pre-Vacuum
Home Cleaning Safety Precaution
Pre-Spot ×
Emulsifying Pre-Conditioning

Our Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Inspection: We ask that you accompany our Technician on a walk through inspection/audit of your home to identify soiling condition, carpet construction, and potential permanent stains.
  2. Pre-vacuum: Carpets are vacuumed with a commercial carpet vacuum to remove unbonded, insoluble dry soil.
  3. Furniture moving and protection.
  4. Pre-Spot: certain spots are pretreated for maximum soil removal.
  5. Pre-Spray: Traffic areas are pretreated with a bio-degradable treatment.
  6. Pre-Groom: Pre-grooming will be performed with a carpet rake or rotary cleaning machine depending on soil level to further loosen traffic area soil.
  7. Extract and rinse:  The most appropriate extraction method will be chosen for the carpet/fiber type, padding, and soil level (Truck mounted hot water extraction, very low moisture cleaning process, etc) to thoroughly clean and strip carpet fibers.
  8. Neutralizer (as needed): pH balanced during the rinse process.
  9. Post Spot Treatment: Note some spots are permanent and therefore cannot be removed.
  10. Post grooming: Grooming that sets the carpet pile in a direction to aid the drying process.
  11. Speed Drying (as needed): High velocity air movers are placed to lessen the drying time.
  12. Post cleaning Inspection: Walk through with owner to ensure that you are happy with the cleaning job. ​

Our Equipment

4A Restoration and Carpet Cleaning operates the most advanced cleaning systems on the market. Our cleaning program will get maximum soil removal and maximum spot removal without over-wetting the carpet or leaving a sticky residue behind. We use only the highest quality products that are safe for your home, the environment, and that will leave your floors and fabrics cleaner, fresher so you will have a healthier indoor environment.

In fact, the equipment that we utilize in our business is Gold Level Approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Seal of Approval Program. This means that the equipment we use to clean the carpeting, upholstery and tile at your location has the highest level of measurable soil. The latest equipment is reviewed and employed by our cleaning staff. (Low-moisture cleaning equipment, truck mounted high efficiency Hot Water Extraction (HWE), high efficiency portable extractors, Wands, Rotary Extractors, Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) machines, Cimex machines, and Hard Surface cleaners, Spotters, Sprayers, Injectors, Blower and Dehumidifiers.)


Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you don’t feel our carpet cleaning is the most thorough you have ever seen, we’ll clean it again for free. If for any reason you are still not pleased, we will refund your money.

To schedule your carpet cleaning appointment call us at: 208-407-4770!